The renowned Turkish company, VitrA, began manufacturing top quality ceramic products in 1942. The VitrA brand name was adopted in 1966. This innovative firm now manufactures a wide range of plumbing products which are exported around the world. These range from sanitary ware to brassware, ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture. Here at R&S Designs, we have been creating beautiful bathrooms for more than ten years. As a family-run business, we are passionate about offering high-end bathrooms to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Our experienced in-house team can design, supply and install a bathroom to match your personality. We are the best place for any query on VitrA in Castelford.

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We don't stock parts but we can speak to the manufacturer and if the part is still available we can get you a price and supply it for you. If there isn't a part available we can advise you on a full replacement or something very similar.

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