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When asked to summarise the Hansgrohe and AXOR brands we frequently describe how smart, reliable and well-built their products are. Being a German based brand they have a head start when it comes to engineering and high-quality production, with a well-established manufacturing heritage that goes back to 1901 when their founder, Hans Grohe himself began producing metal products such as old sheet metal showers in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany. Not to be confused with Grohe, which is a separate company founded by Hans’s son Friedrich Grohe. The family of Hans Grohe’s youngest son Klaus are still shareholders today.

Hansgrohe and AXOR are a hugely global company and THE name in bathroom and kitchen brassware fittings, with countless innovations and a commitment to simple well thought through design, precise execution in manufacturing quality products we are all very proud to sell, we stand by their quality and reliability, and always have excellent feedback from customers on their Hansgrohe and AXOR purchases.

The company are known for their innovation and being ahead of the design curve, offering a wonderful array of bespoke options. For example AXOR FinishPlus offers 15+ colour finishes such as the fashionable Rose-Gold like ‘Red-Gold’ in polished or brushed finish. Not only is their great scope in choosing your finish but this creativity is backed up with exceptionally robust qualities, these finishes are 10 times tougher than electroplated surfaces thanks to Hansgrohe’s & AXOR’s extensive investment in research and development. Not to get too technical, but this process is very impressive, certainly market leading, physical vapour deposition (PVD) allows precise and quality surface coating, zirconium molecules evaporate in a vacuum leaving a perfectly finished surface, with fantastic colour brilliance and outstanding resistance qualities. In short – perfection!

Other benefits that are always very popular with customers include Hansgrohe’s ‘Select’ buttons. These are featured across several ranges and product types over both the Hansgrohe and AXOR brands, they are simple to operate, intuitive to use and allow the user to seamlessly switch between different flow types. Hansgrohe have thought of everything – you don’t have to use a digit to operate them as they are large and easy to press you could press the button with a spare elbow or wrist for example when washing hands or showering where your hands are either dirty or otherwise engaged with soaps and shampoo, it also means they are suitable for people with less mobility or children, offering fantastic design and quality to everyone. Functions of the select button include changing the shower spray type, selecting a thermostat function and starting and stopping mixers. This is a patented technology, in fact Hansgrohe’s commitment to new thinking and development is evident in the fact they had registered over 2500 patents, including the kitchen mixer tap with a pull out spray, the shower wall bar and the first hand shower.

Every customer will be able to find a Hansgrohe range to suit their needs, their designs cater for a variety of tastes and style design-wise, whilst their physical offering is vast in size and functionality creating a huge range of possibilities! You can control various different outlets from a central area, for example you could use their valves to control not only an overhead shower and a handheld shower handset but also a bath filler or another waterfall style shower head. You could also choose body jets or add a sports style showerhead for muscle massage such as the Clubmaster shower head.

Designer pedigree – Hansgrohe and AXOR have collaborated with an impressive list of big design names such as Philippe Starck (AXOR Starck), Patricia Urquiola (AXOR Urquiola), Phoenix Design (Hansgrohe Puravida) and Jean-Marie Massaud (AXOR Massaud) to name just a few! Each range was created with its own concept and has a distinct style. Come in to our showroom to have a look for yourself and discuss the ranges with our accommodating sales team who will be able to help you find the right style for your new bathroom.

Hansgrohe and AXOR have been awarded several honours over the years by a collection of prestigious and significant award bodies, including iF and RedDot. The AXOR Showerpipe 800 for example won the RedDot outstanding design award, amoungst a huge list of other Hansgrohe designs that have won RedDot awards over the years. iF Design Awards awarded Hansgrohe AXOR with a total of 9 products at the start of 2018 alone, you can count on Hansgrohe AXOR for award-winning design, quality and market leading performance and reliability.

Studio Nendo collaborated with Hansgrohe to create an innovative and iconic set of showers: LampShower that also features a light and a sense of playful design and sense of light humour in reimagining a recognisable domestic shape. Architect Oki Sato, the creative mind behind the Japanese design studio says “my designs are always very simple and minimalist, but never cold”. Another eye catching range is AXOR One, developed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby: Barber & Osgerby, their London based design studio. They previously worked on the 2012 Olympic torch and the British Royal Mint. They developed the AXOR One shower range in 2015 winning a series of internationall design awards and media awards such as Elle Decoration, Wallpaper, Maison & Objekt to name a few. AXOR One offers a slim neat profile which is intuitive to use, stylish and minimal.

Whatever your tastes and whichever bathroom layout you are trying to achieve there will be a set of Hansgrohe and AXOR products to fit the bill! Drop into our showroom today or give us a call to discuss!