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Geberit, a Swiss company formed in 1874 by Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert (without the i: Gebert) is known for its motto “know-how installed”. They make the best toilet frames on the market, it is what they are well respected and best known for, but that is not the extent of their range of products. In fact, Geberit have played a major role in the shaping of the bathroom industry as we know it today. With 30 production facilities they are one of Europe’s leading sanitaryware producers, and with their recent acquisition of prestigious furniture manufacturer Keramag they now produce high-quality furniture in various modern styles and contemporary shades of gloss or wooden finishes. You can fit your bathroom out with a Geberit toilet, toilet frame and flush plate and a matching vanity basin unit.


Another icon in recent years from the Geberit brand is their Monoliths. These cistern housing units come in a few different versions, for wall hung or floor standing toilet pans, two different heights (one height to match its corresponding basin monolith). Intelligent lighting is an option too, these units are finished in glass an offer a simple yet smart looking way of housing the cistern outside of a wall. Your plumber will be pleased with how quickly and easily they can install the monolith into your new bathroom, and you and your visitors will be very impressed with the ship-shape results.


Shower toilets – Geberit have developed their shower toilets range, AquaClean. The latest AquaClean toilets are modern and smart, with clean lines. Some of the designs have the same profile as a stylish Geberit toilet pan, so you can have a shower toilet and maintain the look of a contemporary toilet pan. Aquaclean shower toilets come with lots of features including a gentle warm air dryer. They are incredibly hygienic and have a self-cleaning function on the nozzle. The water is body temperature and gentle leaving you fresh and clean. There is a function especially for women, midwives have recommended the ladywash for post-birth use as it is so gentle but effective. The night light on the Aquaclean Mera Comfort also comes with an option of colours to customise to your design and layout. Geberit promote comfort and cleanliness with their entire range of products but particularly the Aquacleans.

Flush plates can lift the look of your wall hung toilet pan, a good quality flush plate with a smart design can revitalise a bathroom if retrofitting to your existing Geberit toilet frame, or if you are selecting a new one there are a wide range of choices. Be sure to match your ranges for example Omega frames require Omega plates, Sigma frames require Sigma plates and so on. Some of the latest flush plates even have odour extraction functions, in conjunction with technology in the cistern (the Geberit Duofresh with odour extraction) the matching Sigma40 Duofresh plate. Carbon filters clean the air, rather than perfuming and masking bad smells clean air is sent back out of the plate keeping bad smells at bay.

In terms of taps, Geberit’s electronic washbasin taps are the most hygienic as they are touchless and operate from sensors, ideal for use in commercial, hotel or project work. The smart wall mounted touchless tap has a minimal design and a subtle infrared sensor under the spout, meaning it would look just as comfortable in a domestic setting. Barrier-free bathrooms is Geberit’s mantra for their range of products that are designed to make life easier for less abled persons, whilst maintaining a stylish, design led look. Geberit have taken different approaches to this depending on the item in question. For example the cistern frame packs are available in taller heights to install the WC higher on the wall, which is very useful for some less abled people. The Aquaclean with its spray functions enhance the users experience by providing a clean, fresh feel thanks to its soft warm jet of water. Come visit our showroom to experience Geberit products in the flesh and be convinced of their quality.