Dornbracht are a market leading, premium branded brassware specialist manufacturer with a stellar reputation for quality, innovation and pushing ahead at the forefront of design and original thinking. Dornbracht, made in Germany take absolute pride in the manufacturing process, they make it an absolute art form with their commitment to precision and absolute perfection. Right from prototyping the initial design through to assembly, testing, electroplating and polishing, the utmost care and attention are paid to every single stage. Quality is key, time is taken with each piece to perfect every angle. Their German factory is very clean state of the art and efficient allowing for a smooth manufacturing process administered by dedicated professionals with a real passion for craft and design. To this end, any Dornbracht item is a symbol of this absolute quality and perfection, each piece being a work of art or piece of sculpture adorning the bathing space. This premium, physical, tangible quality is backed up with incredibly creative design, we really mean cutting edge and at the forefront of the bathroom industry, so much so that their products really turn heads and create that wow factor. For example the Dornbracht Horizontal Shower, this is a totally unique concept and caused quite a stir on its launch. Three programs are available, balancing, energising or de-stress. This relaxing, massaging shower allows you to lay horizontally and comfortably while a series of massaging sprays invigorate the body, it is a fantastic piece of bathroom and wellness innovation, installed in some of the best private spas in the world as it can be used in conjunction with soap-foam massages and other treatments.


Brassware perfection – Dornbracht brassware will be the crowning jewels of your new bathroom design, enhancing and lifting the room with polished perfection. Their exquisite ranges offer superb choice and always premium end quality that speaks for itself. Timeless ideas of pure forms are perfected, an item such as a simple bath spout works so well and is designed and made so beautifully it becomes an object de jour, like a piece of fantastic, loved and treasured jewellery.

Express your personality through a special finish, Dornbracht were ahead of the trend with their Cyprum range, which is a beautiful copper rose gold colour, 18-Carat gold in fact! These pieces of brassware truly are as luxurious and precious as luxury jewellery. You can order this finish on the Tara and Tara Classic brassware and also on the Pivot mixer. Contact us for more information on pricing and lead times we would be only too happy to help you.


Maybe you are looking for a modern shower, a digital shower but you are not too sure of the options available or the technology. We would highly recommend Dornbracht’s Smart Water range. Moving into the digitisation of the bathroom, Smart Water allows touch screen digital control of your shower – but with the Dornbracht difference. It is one of the best on the market, and can be used across the shower bath or vanity basins. The digital remote control in stylish black glass with a polished chrome trim is used to control temperature and flow of the chosen parts and can be used in combination with various Dornbracht pieces for a bespoke set up that is just right for you. The thermostatic control has a ring of smart lights showing water temperature for thermostatic adjustment.

A range of designs are available, from avant-garde and modern, right through to more traditional shapes. The Madison and Madison Flair are great examples of the more traditional styled pieces that would suit the period home in Great Britain, a Victorian or Georgian style property for example with a lovely fluted design or art deco basin, would look beautiful with an elegant Madison Flair spout with handles on the hot and cold levers. You could match this with a bath tap from the same range.


‘It’s about the shaping of water’ Performing Water is Dornbracht’s mantra for the variety of spray types they offer, cascade for example is a concentrated narrow surge of powerful water, this can also be ordered as a wide cascade which gives a different feel to the water. Head showers have a gentle waterfall spray. A side spray is available, this falls gently onto your skin from side spray, the RainCurtain is very impressive, it creates a wall of water around the shower-er, enveloping them from the outside world in a curtain of water. Performing water isn’t Dornbracht Bath fillers are architectural in form, flat and wide creating a beautiful waterfall effect of water to fill the bath quickly to the perfect temperature with style.

Luxury spa style is synonymous with Dornbracht in fact the motto for the LifeSpa range is literally ‘The bathroom becomes a private spa’. All sorts of bathroom and wellness features are available from Dornbracht including the amazing ‘Cold Water Fog’ spray or the body sprinkler spray. The fantastic Sensory Sky system which includes a scent system to activate more of your senses, these perfumes were developed with the International Fragrance Association with a blend of aromas balms and essential oils. The lighting used mixes colours from the entire RGB colour space or white light from 2000 to 10,000 kelvin. Sensory Sky really is something else mixing these fragrances with lights and water textures to invigorate and stimulate, relax and unwind depending on the program you choose. Pop into our showroom or drop us a line today to discuss your new Dornbracht bathroom or home spa!